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Item Description Detail
Deluxe Bullet Starter

Deluxe Bullet Starter 57-1432

Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Cleaning Kit 57-1800

In-Line / Sidelock Combo Nipple Pick

In-Line / Sidelock Combo
Nipple Pick

In-Line Breech Brush Set

In-Line Breech Brush Set 57-1612

Shooter's Necessities Kit

Shooter's Neccesities Kit 57-1813

T-Bullet Starter w/ Ramrod Extension

T-Bullet Starter w/ Ramrod Extension 57-1508

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     As Blackpowder Replicas, most of our products do not require Federal licensing or registration and may be shipped directly to you via Federal Express or UPS.  Purchasers of Muzzleloading Blackpowder Replicas must be 21 years or older.  All purchasers must certify that there are NO FEDERAL, STATE or LOCAL LAWS prohibiting them from  purchasing any products they are ordering.
Residents of HI, IL, MA, MI, NJ,  and NY.,  please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any Black-Powder Propellant, Percussion Caps or Firearm. We cannot ship Black-Powder Propellant, Percussion Caps or Firearms to CANADA
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