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Golden Age Octagon  Ramrod Pipes Golden Age Octagon Ramrod Pipes
Part No: 69-TGAO2A
Available Quantity: 0
Diameter and Material:


The deluxe Golden Age Octagon ramrod pipes pictured have been the market leader for many years and are the first choice of many custom builders as well as the first time rifle builders. They are copied as nearly as possible from measurements of the originals. They are made from one piece of material as were the originals. The tail is left long and straight allowing the user to cut to any style of gun being built. The drop in the lower or entry pipe is correct. The flats are sharp. The entire pipe set is polished and ready to install. All ramrod pipes are listed by ramrod size rather than caliber since several calibers can use the same ramrod size. The set consists of three pieces, one lower or entry and two uppers. These sets are also available with double thumbpieces. It was copied from a fine early flintlock.