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Encyclopedia of Buffalo Hunters and Skinners Encyclopedia of Buffalo Hunters and Skinners
Part No: BK2311
Available Quantity: 1

Volume 1, A-D of a proposed multi volume set of books on the decade of the buffalo hide hunters. Entries include mini-biographies of these men, from Waldo P. Abbot through J.N . Dubois, 335 men (and a few women) who hunted buffalo in the decade and a half, from 1870-1885. Miles Gilbert, author of a previous book and numerous articles about buffalo hunters, began research on the book in 1994; Leo Remiger from Anchorage, Alaska heard about Mile's research, offered his own cache of names and bios, as did Sharon Cunningham in 1996. Since then, this trio has spent many hours traveling, calling, e-mailing and searching museum archives, libraries books, newspapers, and magazine articles to find as many of these buffalo hunters and skinners as possible. Hardbound, 8 1/2 X 11, 286 pages. Includes over 300 entries, 91 photos of both hunters and their rifles and accouterments, 11 maps, 7 illustrations (including two Sharps Factory Letters, and a two page chart listing artifacts located at Adobe Walls during the University of Texas excavation of the famous battle site. The printed board cover painting are of buffalo and hunters by Fred Fellows of Sonoita, Arizona.