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Flintlocks: A Practical Guide for their Use and Appreciation Flintlocks: A Practical Guide for their Use and Appreciation
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Eric A. Bye - This authoritative guide is a must for anyone interested in the understanding, care & use of flintlock muzzleloading rifles, shotguns & pistols. Filled with useful information never before available in a single book, it deals with proper ignition, powder granulation, reliability, accuracy of rifles versus smoothbores and much more. With numerous how-to projects in wood, metal and leather, it is perfect for beginner & expert alike! Includes problems & solutions and trivia & tidbits along with tremendous historical research & technical info. 230 pages, with hundreds of high quality, full-color photographs!

"This book by Eric Bye is a compilation of information that should satisfy the interest of anyone pursuing the understanding, proper care, and use of the flintlock muzzleloading guns. The two sections 'Problems and Solutions' and 'Trivia and Tidbits' add much interest to the book, along with the tremendous historical research the author has done. In these pages, Eric has well covered flintlock muzzleloading guns of all types, from rifles to pistols, smoothbores, and shotguns. Many years must have been consumed in the research and study of these guns in order to compile so much technical information. Even after 50 years of shooting, studying, custom building, and collecting fine Kentucky rifles I feel this book will be an asset to my library." - Homer L. Dangler

Large format, over 230 pages and hundreds of full-color photos
Numerous how-to projects in wood, metal, and leather
The authoritative guide for everyone interested in flintlock rifles, pistols, smoothbores, and shotguns
Filled with useful information never before available in a single book
For all skill levels from beginner to expert

Conventional Wisdom: how true are these common assumptions?

A flintlock ignites faster with the powder banked away from the flash hole.
For best control, the pad of the trigger finger should contact the trigger.
Static electricity is a danger around black powder.
Oxygen between powder granules is essential to ignition.
Flintlocks are unreliable in the rain.
Dieseling is a danger in muzzleloading barrels.
Loading blocks and separate priming horns were not used in the old days.
Inline guns are a modern invention.
FFFFg powder is necessary as priming powder.
A smoothbore barrel can be too smooth for optimum accuracy
Order your copy today and find the answers!