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How To Tan Skins The Indian Way by Evard H. Gibby How To Tan Skins The Indian Way by Evard H. Gibby
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This exciting Eagle's View publication explains everything you ever wanted to know about brain tanning as it was done by Native Americans. Brain tanning is the process of mechanically separating the fibers of the hide, lubricating them with oils from the brain tissue and making them water resistant by the application of smoke. It is the ideal method for home tanners.

This 32 page, fully illustrated book features clear, simple, step-by-step instructions for tanning all kinds of skins, with and without the hair. Methods described include: making buckskin (including fleshing, removing the hair, braining the skin, and breaking and drying the skin); tanning rabbit and sheepskins with the hair or fur on; and smoking the skins. Techniques for making rabbit skin ropes and rabbit rope blankets and a special section on primitive clothing are also provided. The appendices contain information on constructing many of the tools used and suggestions on tanning without brains.