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Delux Shootr's Kit with Range Box - .50 Caliber Delux Shootr's Kit with Range Box - .50 Caliber
Part No: 97-9900
Available Quantity: 0


An affordably priced collection of muzzleloading and shooting accessories. A perfect choice for a newcomer to the sport.
Kit contains: MTM Waterproof Range Box, Ultimate Loading / Cleaning Rod, Gun Cloth, Double Ended Cleaning Brush, Bronze Bristle Bore Brush, Fire Channel Brush, Loading Jag, Universal Cleaning Pick, EZ Clean 2 Breech Plug Grease, EZ Clean 2 Seasoning Patches, EZ Clean 2 Breech Plug & Small Parts Cleaner, EZ Clean 2 Cleaning Solvent & Dry Patches. Brass flask with easy to use valve-style dispenser, wooden ball starter, brass adjustable powder measure with swivel to level loads, nipple wrench and brass straight line capper. Also Includes .50 Cal Hand Cast Soft Lead Round Balls (100)