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The Gunsmith of Grenville County The Gunsmith of Grenville County
Part No: 4165-021-209
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Written for both the novice and the master gun builder, this book is an absolute must for anyone who builds muzzleloading rifle! Master builder, Peter A. Alexander, explains the basics of each task, and then he delves into the minutia of the interesting variations. This 402 page, spiral bound volume shares the author's views and discoveries, and expands our understanding far beyond simple basics.

The Gunsmith of Grenville County is the most extensive how-to book on building longrifles ever published! Peter A. Alexander takes the reader through every step in building a longrifle, from shop setup and tools to engraving, carving and finishing. Begun in 1983 as a series of articles in MUZZLELOADER magazine, they have been compiled into chapters and extensively edited with updated techniques and instructions and many new photos and drawings. A truly complete guide to building your own longrifle! Wirebound to lay flat on your workbench.