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Long Hunter with Mark A. Baker Vol. 5 Long Hunter with Mark A. Baker Vol. 5
Part No: 4085-003-014
Available Quantity: 1

Mark Baker explains in fine but easy-to-understand detail, a whole range of skill and equipment that was required of a Kentucky long hunter. In this fantastic five volume DVD series, Baker shows you not only how to do something, but how to do it correct to the time period. Not only does he show you what to wear, but how and why they wore it. Each volume is professionally produced and is two-hours long. The lessons contained in each video are invaluable to anyone interested in living history or reenactment.

Volume 5:
The saga of colonial era frontier pioneer life continues! Mark Baker is featured in this educational and entertaining double disc set which is three hours long.

Mark demonstrates many aspects from the lore of the long hunters based on his decades of continuous research. Camp life, open fire cooking, speed loading, canoes and water crossing plus more.

Wallace Gusler is featured on hunting shirts, and Charlie Brown demonstrates bark tanning deerskins.

Hunters from the Second Company take you into the woods for a visit to an enchanted valley in an exacting historically correct approach to living history.

Great music and fun adventures with Mark and his friends which include Mike Miller and Judge Carroll Ross. Special appearance with his wife Marlys, and special guests Ehrin and Beth Ehlert.

Mark Baker brings to life our pioneer heritage and openly shares his 20 years of study and research in another chapter on the colonial American frontier.