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Everyday Dress of Rural America, 1783-1800 Everyday Dress of Rural America, 1783-1800
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Featuring detailed descriptions of the clothing worn by Settlers & Native Americans in America in the latter part of the 18th century. Containing scale drawings of patterns, along with full instructions for making most of the clothing discussed, it is full of information & practical techniques for recreating historically correct dress from this period. It covers both men's & women's garments & accessories, as well as adaptations of styles borrowed by and from Native Americans & Whites alike. Women's garments include the shift, stays, pockets, petticoats, skirts, gowns, neckerchief & apron, as well as men's shirts, cravats & stocks, breeches, trousers, breechclout, waistcoat, coats & frocks. Stockings, leggings, shoes, moccasins & headgear for both are described, as well as correct fabrics & proper hand-sewing techniques. Essential for the library of anyone interested in period dress, it is complete with an extensive list of historical references, periodicals and sources for patterns & materials. 113 pages with 54 illustrations and scaled patterns.