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Hawken Pistol Hawken Pistol
Part No: 189-28-P
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Sam and Jake Hawken were careful craftsmen whose work was in great demand through the best years of the fur trade and for some years after that trade began to decline. They didn't build junk.We have a stock we wouldn't be ashamed to sell the Hawken brothers today. Our common stock is of very good wood and it is cut so the grain will take the impact of the barrels black powder charge. Our better stocks are suitable for the "special" gun or even for presentation. The price is low and the quality is high.

The pistols made by the Hawken brothers appeared to have generally classic lines with a somewhat military appearance. These guns were dependable, and like all of their products, practical and built to withstand hard use.

We can't sell "Hawken" pistols. We don't have any and we wouldn't want to trade on the name of the brothers. We can sell a quality stock that will take as much craftsmanship as any builder can supply. We believe we can offer any builder an excellent start on this type pistol. It was usually of a heavier calibre than a Kentucky, the stock was heavier and many were held to the belt by a metal hook. Some of the grips were checkered and others were left plain.

This carefully crafted stock deserves an excellent barrel and a fine quality lock. When you have completed the pistol it should be one you will be proud to show and prouder to shoot - in keeping with an American heritage of gun building.

Lock, Trigger & Tang Inletted Barrel 15/16" x 11" Appropriate Lock Davis Perc Appropriate Trigger Appropriate Breech Plug Buttcap Triggerguard Recommended Thimbles Recommended Nose Cap Lock Screws Tang Screws Barrel Rib Rear Sight None - Part of Breech Plug - Front Sight Barrel Lugs Barrel Keys (or Pins) Escutcheons Lock Bolt Inlay Brass Nipple Ramrod Jag & Tip Brass Ramrod Stock Inletting & Drilling

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