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Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conv. Musket Pedersoli 1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conv. Musket
Part No: 400-273

In 1842 the American government made the decision to convert all of the flintlock rifles to percussion rifles by Harper’s Ferry and Springfield Arsenals. The conversion has been accurate in all the phases, in the “Colt conversion style.” The firing hole has been replaced by a complete nipple holder, the flint hammer replaced by a percussion hammer; taking away both frizzen and spring. The rifle is produced in .69 caliber percussion. The barrel and the furniture are in glazed steel, the lock is marked Harper’s Ferry 1816 with the American Eagle and US markings. The stock is made of American walnut with an oil finish.Barrel length is 42”, overall length is 57", weight 10 pounds.