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1798 Austrian Infantry Musket 1798 Austrian Infantry Musket
Part No: 400-263

On the 26th of July 1798, the Austrian commission decided to adopt a new model largely inspired from the French Model, keeping the main characteristics and adding some others typically from Austria, as the voluminous muzzle, the two head rods allowing a quicker loading and the long bayonet four edges. The Infantry Rifle Model 1798 is an extremely well made rifle, very strong and for some points it is better than its French 1777, equipping the Austrian Army until nearly the first half of 1800, with only slight modifications. The rifle is produced in .69 caliber with a walnut stock. Barrel length 44, overall length 59, weight 10 pounds.

For additional information visit Pedersoli's web site: https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/guns-rifles.asp/l_en/partenza_36/idl_2/rifles/rifles.html