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Hawken Full Stock
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Hawken Full Stock
Part No: 189-04
Available Quantity: 91
Flintlock or Percussion:
Add Stock:
Caliber & Barrel Size:
Optional Patchbox: Add Optional Patchbox ($30.00)
Left or Right Hand Stock:

There is much speculation about how the Hawken brothers decided on their rifle design. But most historians agree it was a rifle built and modified to meet the needs of its users. The early Harper's Ferry Rifle thought to have been carried by some of the members of the Lewis and Clark expedition might have played a part in the development of the early Hawken model. The first Hawkens were less stylized than later models and were Fullstocked. Later, the halfstock model, with full under rib, came to be recognized as a kind of trademark of the Hawken Brothers' operations in St. Louis.

Some other common features of the Hawken, a one-piece trigger with scroll guard secured, and generally plain, iron-mounted furnishings - including toe plate and buttplate.

Lock, Trigger & Tang Inletted Overall length 55" Pull length 15" Drop at heel 3 3/4" Barrel channel length 37" Barrel channel size 15/16" and 1" Ramrod hole size 3/8" and 7/16" Lock mortice area 1 3/4" x 7" Width at lock 1 13/16" Butt 1 7/16" x 4 3/4"

Kit Contains:

Barrel 1" x 36" Appropriate Lock L & R Flint Appropriate double-set Trigger L & R Appropriate Breech Plug L & R Flint Recommended Buttplate Iron Recommended Triggerguard Iron Recommended Thimbles Steel (3) Recommended Nose Cap Steel Lock Screws (2) Tang Screws (2) Rear Sight Front Sight Barrel Lugs (3) Barrel Keys (or Pins) (3) Pins Toe Plate Steel Lock Bolt Inlay Steel (2) Touch Hole Liner Ramrod Jag & Tip Brass Ramrod Misc. Screws Stock Inletting & Drilling

Note Left Hand Percussion uses Drum and Nipple not the Hawken patented breech plug