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1858 New Army, Stainless Steel
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1858 New Army, Stainless Steel
Part No: 95-FR18583
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The Colt 1836 patent was due to expire in 1849, but Colt was able to extend it until 25th Feburary 1857 by demonstrating that they had not used it to its full capacity. The extension gave them the chance to force out the competition. When the patent expired, Remington brought out a solid frame design, which was both elegant and reliable. The reliability of the Remington and its accuracy made it so famous that when the government offered the "Yankee" officers to take over as an outfit at the end of the War of Succession, the prevailing choice was for the Remington. Stainless, brass back strap and trigger guard. Barrel 8 Octagonal, Weight 3.6 3lbs., Caliber .44, Grips Walnut, Rifling 7 Grooves Left