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CCI Musket Caps CCI Musket Caps
Part No: 77-301

The CCI Musket cap is an
American made cap by
Omark Industries. This
cap is is made of copper
that will not stick to
the nipple. Upon firing
the cap will split and
fall off the nipple when
the hammer is lifted.
Packaged 100 per tin, ten
tin to the box. Only sold
by the Box of 1000 caps.


Federal regulations
require us to charge a
$28.50 fee (or fee in
effect at ship date) for
each box or parcel
containing hazardous
Each different type of
hazardous material MUST
be shipped is separate
cartons. This includes
percussion caps in one
package, all grades of
Black powder or Black
powder substitues in one
package. This fee is in
addition to regular
shipping costs.
Hazardous materials can
only be shipped UPS or
Federal Express Ground.