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Hodgdon Pyrodex Hodgdon Pyrodex
Part No: 20-01

Hodgdon Pyrodex
Propellant was developed
for today's muzzleloader.
Pyrodex Select - Select
Rifle/Shotgun Powder
Select is an enhancement
of our RS grade of
Pyrodex. Using RS or 2F
data in a volumetric
measure, Select can
significantly reduce
group size. Wonderful
news to the deer hunter
is that Select performs
well with sabots and
conical bullets. Select
has also become a
favorite among many
blackpowder cartridge
shooters because of its
exceptional consistency.
For target use it is the
"best of the best".

Pyrodex RS -
Rifle/Shotgun Powder
Pyrodex RS can be used in
all calibers of
percussion muzzleloading
rifles and shotguns. It
has a wide application of
uses and is the most
versatile powder in the
Pyrodex line. Like all
grades of Pyrodex, it
burns cleaner and
produces less fouling
than blackpowder. RS
compares to 2F
blackpowder on a particle
size basis.

Pyrodex P - Pistol Powder
The principle use for
Pyrodex P is in all
pistols and in smaller
bore rifles, 45 caliber
and down. P is also
useful as a priming
charge in guns which have
a tortuous or fouled
ignition channel or other
ignition problems. P
compares to 3F
blackpowder on a particle
size basis.

NOTICE: Primers,
Pyrodex, Triple Se7en®,
Black Mag 3® and American
Pioneer powders may only
be purchased by adults.
Check your local and
state laws for the
legality of ordering and
possessing these
products. Primers and
Smokeless Powders are
restricted in Washington
D.C. For safety reasons,
we do not accept returns
on these products.

Federal regulations
require us to charge a
$28.50 fee (or fee in
effect at ship date) for
each box or parcel
containing hazardous
materials. Each different
type of hazardous
material MUST be shipped
is separate cartons. This
includes percussion caps
in one package, all
grades of Black powder or
Black powder substitues
in one package. This fee
is in addition to regular
shipping costs. Hazardous
materials can only be
shipped UPS or Federal
Express Ground.