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Hornady - Sabot Bullets Hornady - Sabot Bullets
Part No: 80-6711

By combining our Super Shock Tip (SSTTM) premium polymer tipped bullet with a sabot, Hornady has created a black powder projectile that is almost as acccurate and deadly as centerfire ammo. The sabot allows use of a lighter caliber bullet for longer shots. The SSTTM improves the ballistic coefficient for fast, flat flight; an Inter-Lock ring locks the jacket to the core; and, the polymer tip initiates expansion on impact to produce a wide, deep wound channel and extreme terminal performance. Now you can shoot your Muzzleloader with the same confidence you’d have with your centerfire rifle. Thanks to Hornady's advanced muzzleloading technology, you can shoot your black powder rifle with less recoil. At longer ranges. With a projectile that penetrates better, retains more of its weight, and offers better sectional density.