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Lyman Deerstalker Lyman Deerstalker
Part No: 66-6033146

Like all Lyman black
powder guns, the
Deerstalker has an
impressive collection of
top quality rifle
features. The rich
walnut stock is
especially designed with
less drop for improved
sight picture and
includes a handsome
rubber pad to lessen
recoil. The barrel and
all metal parts are
blackened to avoid glare.
Whether flint or
percussion, all Lyman
locks employ rugged,
reliable coil main
springs. In addition,
the Deerstalker has
Lymanís exclusive silent
single trigger system,
designed especially for
hunting. A sling and
swivels are included.
The Deerstalker also has
an upgraded sighting
package that includes
Lymanís #37 white bead
front sight and Lymanís
popular #16 adjustable
folding rear sight. The
optional sight set offers
an immediate improvement
in accuracy for the
target shooter or hunter.
Features 1/4 minute click
adjustments for elevation
and windage. Front sight
has eight inserts. Twist
1:48, and barrel length