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Treso Fiberglass Ramrod Treso Fiberglass Ramrod
Part No: 11-91-508
Ship Ramrod: Check if this is the first Ramrod ordered on this order

These fiberglass
ramrods are made from a
smooth fiberglass rod
and Treso brass tips
secured with epoxy
and/or a 1/16 " cross
pin. Rods are 48" long
and are available with
tips having wither 8-32
or 10-32 thread. The
3/8" rod is dark brown
in color and the 5/16"
and 7/16" are black.
The fiberglass ramrod
is truely the only
unbreakable ramrod
available. With its
inherent stiffness,
this rod is ideal for
the hunting rifle. It
will not swell like
wood under wet

Note: Ramrod and
cleaning rod orders
will incur and $8.00
additional shipping
charge for special