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Leman Fullstock
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Leman Fullstock
Part No: 189-20-P
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Right or Left Hand Stock:

One of the key suppliers
of rifles for the Indian
trade was Henry Leman.
Leman's works produced
flintlock trade rifles in
the late 1830's and he
continued to supply them
for about 20 years. He
also produced large
calibre percussion rifles
for the Indian trade and
even produced some of the
Northwest guns during the
middle of the 19th
Leman's trade rifles had
a relatively short stock
and they were built with
both percussion and flint
locks - although flint
Lemans seem more common.
Some of the rifles had a
small patchbox and these
had a distinctive fleur-
de-lis pointing up from
the box itself. The
rifles had a single
trigger and steel
fittings - their use by
the Indians required them
to be rugged and

Many of Leman's rifles
found their way to the
Indians since he gained
several contracts to
provide hunting rifles
for Indians. These were
produced in relatively
large numbers on
something like an
assembly line. That
productivity may be why
part of Leman guns
occasionally turn up in
odd places. A trapper or
gunsmith sometimes might
take an available Leman
part to replace something
on another gun that was
broken. Leman also
provided some parts to
other builders.

The modern builder might
find this an excellent
field or "meat" gun,
particularly if careful
attention is paid to
fitting the stock to the
individual's size and
weight. We can provide a
very good piece of wood
and we recommend this be
coupled with one of our
fine barrels and a good
lock - percussion or
flint. A double-set
trigger could be used and
such a modification was
probably made by some of
the traders and trappers
who owned one of Leman's

Lock, Trigger & Tang
Overall length 56"
Pull length up to 15
Drop at heel 4 1/2"
Barrel channel length
Barrel channel size
15/16" or 1"
Ramrod hole size 3/8"
or 7/16"
Lock mortice area 1
5/8" x 5 7/8"
Width at lock 1 7/8"
Butt 1 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Kit Contains:

Barrel 15/16" or 1" x
Appropriate Lock L & R
Appropriate double-set
Trigger L & R
Appropriate Breech Plug L
& R Percussion
Recommended Buttplate
Recommended Triggerguard
Recommended Thimbles
Steel (3)
Recommended Nose Cap
Lock Screws (2)
Tang Screws (2)
Rear Sight
Front Sight
Barrel Lugs (3)
Barrel Keys (or Pins) (3)
Toe Plate Steel
Lock Bolt Inlay Steel (2)
Ramrod Jag & Tip Brass
Misc. Screws
Stock Inletting &

We also suggest the following items:

Cut Sight Dovetails
Cut Stock for Butt Plate
Install Breechplug
Install Underlugs Full Stock